Mirra Rose

Mirra Rose Mirra resides in Maui, Hawaii, and travels widely, presenting workshops on a variety of topics and offering personal sessions. Her background includes many initiations, trainings, and certifications, as well as a… Continue reading


Mirra Rose is an internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher, healer, and speaker who has been sharing her gifts world-wide for over thirty years, touching thousands of people with her loving Presence Her primary mission… Continue reading

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To Contact Mirra in the United States of America call 1-808-268-3085 Or you may email her at MirraRose@msn.com To contact Mirra Rose in Japan call 090 3405 6339 or you may e-mail her… Continue reading


Testimonials The Wisdom of the Soul that comes through Mirra’s channelling is awesome and profound. Her Loving Presence in the session is a true testament to her deep connection to Spirit. Aurora Juliana… Continue reading


Weddings Divine Union with the Beloved is a cosmic event. When you enter into the sacrament of marriage, it is celebrated on many levels and is always blessed by the Presence of Divine… Continue reading


Events Mirra Rose is currently on her 24th tour of Japan, where she is renowned for her powerful healing work as well as her ‘Soul Transmissions of the One Being’ A Keynote Speaker… Continue reading


Mirra’s Discourses The True Purpose of Channeling The Chalice of The Crystal Child Business ________________________________________________________ Update 8 Sept 2012:   Hi Honey, Please read a wee bit of Milson’s teaching, written in the… Continue reading


Opening To Channeling Courses In these courses   you will learn the principles of Channeling from Spirit, how to master the Art of Channeling and connect with your Soul and your Spiritual Guides.… Continue reading

Soul Transmissions From the ONE BEING

Soul Transmissions From the ONE BEING In a Soul Transmission session, a Presence overlights the Soul which can then be accessed by the individual. It is only through this Presence that the blessings… Continue reading